Friday, September 6, 2013

Pushing 40

Anyone who knows me knows that I sometimes always seem to get a little completely wigged out every year as my birthday approaches.  I never really thought I'd be one of THOSE people that thinks of age as more than just a number, but lo and behold, I totally am.  Every year I usually feel the need either change my look, my wardrobe or crawl inside a bottle of wine with a straw and a "Do Not Disturb" sign. 

This year was no exception.   As the eve of my last 30-something birthday approached, I found myself feeling a little weepier than usual.   I can't really put a finger on "why".....for the most part, life is pretty freakin' good.....I guess maybe it's just the "have I really accomplished what I had hoped to by this stage of my life?" and "Is this it? What is my place in the world?"  questions that tend to surface around the anniversary of one's birth.   Plus, I also really have a flair for the dramatic.  It's part of my charm. 

This year,  I totally ripped off the idea of was inspired by a friend to begin a little project for the last year of my 30's.   Back in November, a friend of mine turned 30.  (Sigh).   She decided to embrace her 30's by attempting to have 30 brand new experiences in the year following her 30th birthday.    I think she is somewhere around experience #18 right about now, and I have really enjoyed following her new adventures.  (You rock, girl!!!!!)

I thought it was such a fantastic idea (thank you, Jacquie) that I decided to steal borrow the idea and adapt it into a little challenge for myself - in an effort to (hopefully) avoid an epic birthday meltdown this time next year on the eve of my 40th.  

You heard it here first, folks - this year I am going to attempt to have 40 BRAND NEW experiences, and blog about them, before I turn 40.  (You can be sure a scrapbook will also follow.....)

I have been compiling a list of a few things I'd like to try, sort of a mini-bucket list, that ranges from simple and inexpensive (trying REAL sushi!) to a few more costly adventures that will require some serious safety equipment!  (Don't panic, Joanie). 

I can't wait for this challenge to begin and I am excited at the thought of being able to look back on my last "30-something year" as a truly memorable one - one where I stepped out of my comfort zone and really LIVED! 

But for now I'm still 38......

J :)

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