Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Inside Track (B210K Week 1)

I don't know about you, but lately I have been stuck in what can only be described as "the mid-winter BLAHS".   I think it happens to most of us every year, but this winter seems to be worse than those in recent memory.   Yes, I KNOW we live in Canada and that we DO have winter, but we have been spoiled rotten the past few years (last year in particular) and it seems like I've forgotten what winter really feels like. 

This time last year I was about a month into the C25K program and didn't seem to have any problems finding the motivation to get my runs in. This year, thanks to those "blahs", bursts of motivation seem to be few and far between.    Thankfully about a month ago I discovered the Milton Indoor Running Track - an elevated indoor track above a hockey arena, providing a fabulous alternative to running outdoors in the elements.  I have been going a couple of times a week to try to re-establish a good 5K base before I officially begin my 10K training plan.  The track has, without a doubt, saved my training.  

Monday March 4 - Bridge to 10K, Week 1, Day 1 -  I finally decided I was ready to begin the official 10K training plan.   It's super chilly again today, so off to the indoor track I go.  The plan for Day 1 is 10 minutes of walking/1 minute running x 4.    I was very happy to discover that my new Garmin Forerunner 10 running watch could be programmed to alert me when to run and when to walk, while I used the "lap feature" to keep track of my laps so I could calculate my distance at the end of the run.  (5.25 laps = 1 km).  Ironically, I haven't actually run OUTSIDE since I purchased my Garmin watch at the end of January, but I plan to review it here once I get a chance to use all the features.

I wasn't expecting this run to be as challenging as it was - I'm not sure if that was due to me taking last week off to fight a cold or if the re-introduction of the walk breaks threw me for a bit of a loop.  In any case, I dragged my ass for the last 10 minutes and in the final 3 minutes my left knee, from whom I hadn't heard in months, decided to act up a little.   Hoping for better on Wednesday.   Distance completed:  5.52 km, pace: 7:49 mins/km  (Walking intervals = slower pace)

Tuesday March 5 - Rest Day.   Semi-concerned about mysterious ankle pain which seems to have come out of nowhere.   Hoping that it turns out to be nothing and tomorrow's run can proceed as scheduled. 

Wednesday March 6 - Going to take it easy on the ankle for one more day.    *sadface*

Thursday March 7 - Decided to try a workout DVD in the basement to test out the ankle.   I did a 2 mile DVD which I used to struggle through years ago but today I barely broke a sweat.   Ankle held up ok during the workout but was sore afterwards. 

Friday March 8 - Threw caution to the wind and completed W1D2.  It was just too nice outside not to run.   The last 10 minute interval was a bit of a challenge but I JUST missed a 5K PR by 5 seconds even WITH the 1 minute walk intervals (ARGH!!!).   Overall this run was awesome despite ankle pain.   Distance completed:   5.78 km, pace: 7:26 mins/km (MUCH faster than MONDAY!)

Saturday March 9 - 3 mile cardio DVD in the basement.   Broke a sweat this time, but I definitely need some more challenging DVDs.   

Sunday March 10 - W1D3 - Well if I thought Friday was nice, today was positively SUMMERIFFIC!  The mild temps made for some super sloppy running trails so I had to do some major puddle dodging.  Once AGAIN the last 10 minute interval was a bit tough (why IS that?), but I think I am ready for Week 2!  I didn't notice my ankle at all DURING the run, but after the run the pain was back. I may have to explore this further.    Distance completed:   5.78km, pace 7:26 mins/km.  (Identical to Friday but I broke a PR for fastest mile!)

So, week one is now complete and I think I am starting to find my groove a little.   Week 2 is going to begin on Wednesday - I've planned HOT YOGA for Monday and scheduled a rest day for Tuesday.   I'm very happy to look back on my training plan for the week and know that I completed all of my scheduled workouts!

Here we go again!

J :)

PS   I am IN LOVE with my Garmin watch.  Review to follow next week......

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