Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2: Count Your Blessings

Well, here we are - day 2 of my New Year challenge. I behaved myself all day yesterday - with the only questionable food item consumed being popcorn at the movies last night. I wish I could say that I awoke this morning feeling like a million bucks, but sadly the cold/flu season seems to have caught up with me and I sort of feel like I had a run in with a very snotty, sneezy, achy Mac Truck last night. I am quite certain that has nothing to do with my "healthy whole foods" choices yesterday - 'tis the season to be coughy.

Thankfully, my task for day 2 does not involve any physical activity or contact with others. I'm kind of hoping to stay in my jammies all day watching football and eating soup.

"Say Thank You. Make a conscious effort to be grateful. In the morning think of three things that you appreciate in your life. Starting the day from this place changes your mood and energy. In the evening, think of three things, people or moments that you experienced during the day that were positive or made you feel good" *

This exercise ties in with something that I learned during a motivational/ training seminar that I attended earlier in December. The event was called "Achieve 2010" and was hosted by a Real Estate motivational speaker that I have mentioned before in my blogs - Richard Robbins. The event was 2 1/2 days of fabulous speakers, sales training with a little dancing thrown in. There were a few AHA moments for me during this event, but one thing that I learned and planned to put into practice for the new year was "R&R" time (Reflect and Review). Richard suggests taking 15-30 minutes of time - preferably before the rest of your household awakes, if possible - and reflect on what you accomplished, review what needs to be done in the day ahead and be thankful for what you have in your life. He likened this practice to: getting up in the morning and reviewing the map before you head out on a road trip. You wouldn't just get up and start driving, you should always make sure where you're going before you get behind the wheel.

So, it is very fitting that my "to-do" list is incorporating this task right off the bat. Here goes.

Three things I appreciate in my life:

1) My healthy, smart, beautiful children. Granted, I can't wait to get them out of the house and back to school tomorrow, but I appreciate them nonetheless.

2) My husband/partner in crime. Even though he still hasn't learned how to change the toilet paper roll.

3) It was hard to pick just one thing for this spot. I am blessed to live in a beautiful country (cold weather and all), have a wonderful circle of friends, extended family and supportive colleagues and a job that I love.


As for the second part of the exercise, I ended up drugging myself up on cold medicine and falling asleep last night, so I couldn't finish it until this morning.

Three Things/People/Moments that Made me Smile yesterday:

1) Erin's home made "get well soon" card - signed "Erin, Peace, Love and Happyniss"
2) A yummy piece of birthday cake sent home to me from my nephew's birthday party (that I had to miss!)
3) A signature on an accepted offer (come on, not everything has to be mushy)

I am going to start incorporating Richard's method of "R&R" into my daily routine (or maybe even a little "R,R&R" - Reviewing, Reflecting and 'riting) It really helps to put things in perspective. I find that we really can get overwhelmed with rushing through the day-to-day busy-ness of our lives that we tend to not stop and appreciate all that we have. Often we complain about how much we have to do and how little money we have to do it with instead of saying "thank goodness I have such a full life!" I guarantee that no matter how rough you think you have it, there is someone, somewhere that would change places with you in a heartbeat.

Thank You.

J :)

* Source: Chatelaine Magazine, January 2011 issue.

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